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Established from 2000, FWX Circuit Group Co., Limited is a professional PCB Solution Provider from Shenzhen, China.

We focused on supporting High Tech,High Layer,Special laminate Types PCB products for all kinds of customers.
All of our PCB products have met the requirements of ISO9001、UL、QS9000 、TS16949 etc. All products to overseas customer has met ROHS requirements. Currently, our customers not only from China Mainland, South Asia area, USA, Canada, Italy, UK and other European countries.

FWX Circuit has built a professional and ambitious team to help our customers achieve cost reduction without compromise to engineering excellence, quality of product, reliability of supply and efficient management of the printed circuit board requirements.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of Printed Circuits Boards. These PCBs are fabricated in modern production facilities which are ISO 9002 certified UL approved, QS 9000 certified and ISO 14000 compliant. Special attention is paid to quality with 100% electrical testing,100% finalinspection for cosmetic defects, and a comprehensive presh-ipment quality check audit on each printed circuit type manufactured.

Use our experience gained from over 20 years in the industry to ensure your lowestcost of supply.We seek the opportunity to quote you for quantities of circuits from one piece to over 100,000.

E-mail your request for quote to sales@fwxpcb.com

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