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Logistics is much more than just shipping and forwarding. Our job is to take a series of decisions to make sure that your PCB arrives at the right time and at the right place.

Order Monitoring
Orders are monitored at all stages of the process, from receipt of order to completion of delivery, to ensure that you receive your products on time. Our experienced salesman and tracking person are here to ensure this and to provide you with updated information.

Steps in the delivery process
1. Customer sends order with required delivery time
2. Keying sends order confirmation to customer and send order to the production partner.
3. The production partner checks production planning to confirm appropriate delivery time.
4. Keying sends confirmation to customer.
5. Status checked halfway to ensure that PCBs are delivered on time. Decision with variations:
- Change method of shipping.
- Put pressure on production partners.
6. On due date, production partners are notified through the allocation of a dispatch number to the consignments.
7. The PCBs are dispatched to Keying warehouse from where they are forwarded to the customer or held for subsequent delivery on due date.

Shipping Method
To meet our customers’ required delivery times we use the following shipping methods:
1. Sea - 5 weeks (cost effective with dispatches over 500 kg)
2. Air - 4-6 days ( door to airport or door)
3. DHL/UPS/TNT - 3 days (door to door)

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