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Medium and high volume

Our manufacturing facilities are located in GuangDong Province (South Of China) where high volume double sided and multi-layers conventional PCBs are produced. Currently we can support from single-layer to 16-layer with reasonable lead-time and price. Low-cost, high-quality solutions will generate our customer rapid growth and profit margins.

Manufacture capability
Specification mass production samples Future
Layer Count (rigid PCB) 2-16 2-30 2-36
Finished Board Size(Max) 600 x 600mm 600 x 700mm 600 x 700mm
Finished board thickness 0.2 mm - 4.0 mm 0.2 mm - 6.0 mm 0.2 mm - 7.0 mm
Base Copper Weight H oz to 3 oz H oz to 4 oz H oz to 4 oz
Finished Copper Weight Up to 4 oz Up to 6 oz Up to 6 oz
Base Laminate Type CEM-1, CEM-3, FR1, FR2, FR4, FR5(High TG) CEM-1, CEM-3, FR1, FR2, FR4, FR5(High TG) CEM-1, CEM-3, FR1, FR2, FR4, FR5(High TG),Rogers, Arlon
Minimum Line Width/Space 0.10 mm / 0.10 mm 0.075mm / 0.075mm 0.075mm / 0.075mm
Minimum Hole Size(Finished) 0.10 mm 0.10 mm 0.10 mm
Aspect Ratio 6 : 1 10 : 1 12 : 1
Surface Finishes --- --- ---
HASL Yes Yes Yes
Lead free HAL Yes Yes Yes
Immersion tin Yes Yes Yes
Immersion silver Yes Yes Yes
OSP(Entek or Flux) Yes Yes Yes
Immersion gold Yes Yes Yes
Flash gold Yes Yes Yes
Carbon printing Yes Yes Yes
Peelable Mask + Kapton Tape Yes Yes Yes
Thickness of Soldermask 10um(min) 10um(min) 10um(min)
Cu Thickness in Holes 18um(min) or 25um(min) 18um(min) or 25um(min) 18um(min) or 25um(min)
Tin thickness
2~30um 2~30um 2~30um
Au thickness
(immersion gold)
0.025~0.075um 0.05~0.10um 0.05~0.10um
Au thickness
(Flash gold)
0.025~0.075um 0.025~0.075um 0.025~0.075um
Outline tolerance 0.10mm 0.10mm 0.075mm
Angle of G/F Chamfering 20,30,45 20,30,45 20,30,45
PTH, blind & buried vias Yes Yes Yes
fire resistance 94V-0 94V-0 94V-0
impedance control Yes Yes Yes
laser drilling Yes Yes Yes
Delivery according to IPC-A-600 Class 2 Class 3 Class 3

Quick turn and samples  

We fully understand that the speed of PCB services is a key element in the product life cycle. We have a quick–turn–around specialists team and special process methods for engineering, production, and logistic. Customer’s time-to-market requirements has driven us to build our service efficiently to meet the client's expectations.

Layer Lead Time
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